Monday Catch-Up & Updates

Good Morning everyone!

I took a weekend camping trip with my boyfriend and it was really nice to get away. His having an iphone wasn't helping my disconnect from the internets, but it did make me happy to see a sale waiting for me in my inbox.

I love love love camping; it was a little later in the season than I'm used too and therefore a little colder, but lovely nonetheless. We went rowing on the lake at the campground, which was relaxing and fun - and there were strange plants growing up from the bottom of the lake that we can't really identify. They kind of look like pine trees, but not... and some had small white flowers on the top. Anyone know what these might be?

Anyway, I have a ton of work to get done and my list is staring at me from the white board on my desk. How was your weekend?

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Anonymous said...

Ever been camping near Corpus Christi during summer? That will cure your camping-cravings quickly. I'm glad you had a good time though. In Texas, we have, like, one natural lake. So in our lakes, the weird plants WOULD be pine trees. Stepping on pine stumps when you're trying to swim is absolutely no fun.

Sorry. I'm not much of a camper! I'm a hotel/room-service gal. :-)


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