Fallenpeach has MOVED!

When I wrote "Move" on my to do list for 2011, I didn't necessarily mean move blogs - but that is what happened first. We have officially transferred this blog over to Wordpress and would love for you to come visit and change your links and RSS feeds. I'm really happy with what we have going on over there and it will only get better as time goes on and I tweak and add more!


Story Behind It: Gas & Grub on Route 66

We must have passed by this sign at least twice before we finally found it. It is not close to the road and it wasn't what we were looking for to begin with. We were looking for a wooden sign that had arrows and different towns on the Route. When we finally found it, I found this sign much more interesting. It is on a road in the middle of nowhere desert, but it's worth the adventure. Now a card in our shop.


Love, Photo 6 of 52

This weeks photo comes from an object of love. Left on my computer by Matt for me to find when I returned home from work. It made me smile and so I share it with you. Follow my Photo a Week project here.


There are things that I am passionate about that sometimes fall by the wayside and I forget that I am passionate about them. Or, rather, I forget just how passionate I can be about them. This weeks example: creating logos. I love love love creating logos. A friend recently started an Etsy shop and I have begun work on a logo for her. I figured it would be a chance to test my process before I list my services in my own Etsy Shop.

Except I think I changed my process. I became so involved with one design that I decided to send her that and see if I was even heading in the right direction. Once she responds I'll know if I am going in the right or wrong direction and can proceed from there. There are times when I do create three designs for the client to see first, but this one just worked out differently. And that is my discovery for the week - that process' can change project to project.

I think this is an important lesson for me and I'm excited about the possibilities that it unleashes.

I would love to have my photo for this post be said logo, but you will just have to wait until she approves it or until another design has been approved! :) Stay tuned for my Photo of the Week!


Blue Bottles of Tinkertown

Tinkertown, a roadside attraction in the middle of the New Mexico desert, is bizarre. Full of animatronic figurines and madness, I found these peaceful blue bottles hanging out in a window. It turned out to be one of my top 10 favorite images from our trip and now I'm sharing it with you as a card.

Blank and ready for any message, check it out in our Etsy Shop.


February and a Snowman Update

This is our Snowman as of yesterday, remember him? The funny thing is, there is minimal meltage going on here. Mostly, the snow just piled up around him. In fact, he's barely melted at all (well, his head is almost entirely gone but.. ). I was able to walk out to him without falling in, but with the rain and 40 degree weather yesterday I'm sure the ice has thinned a bit since then. I'm curious to see what happens when the snow starts really melting.

Anyway, over the weekend Matt and I went to see a local band, Mighty Purple and had a great time. I've been going to see this band for years now and it's always a fun show - although less frequently now that they have other things going on in their lives. Additionally, I thought that two weeks had passed in February, but that is just not true. It is just the beginning of the second week! February is one of those months that just moves so so slowly for me, so I guess this shouldn't be surprising.

I've been having trouble getting back into a groove after a couple days out of it, but I think this week is starting off well. I can't wait to list some new items this week and get to work editing new photos for new products. My to do list for this week is pretty long and involved, but I'm confident I can get it all done.

That's my little Monday update! More substantial blogging to come later in the week. :)


Photo 5/52 : Ginger

Ginger makes a second appearance because this really was my best photo this week. She's so cute. Follow my Photo a Week project at Flickr.


Meetup: February 2011

January was a hugely consistent month for me. My business moved a bit slowly, but I was able to set goals, keep them and maintain a regular schedule for myself.  It helps that my retail hours have been the same every day for the past month, here's hoping when they change I can keep a schedule going. Ginger, the kitty above, is one of the cats in the house. She makes the cutest noises ever. This photo may be my photo for this week, so you may see it again. I'm not sure yet though.

Things I accomplished in January: consistently listed three items a week in the shop, also blogged three times a week, kept up with me Photo a Week project, worked on the new blog setup over at Wordpress (it's still in progress but coming along nicely), added Yoga/Wii Fit exercise into my schedule three times a week. I also started a "Thankful" journal and have been adding entries at least once a week, but more often when things occur to me. I was able to get up early every day and get things done before work and overall I am super happy and proud of myself for my accomplishments last month even though they were not huge. 

February Goals

- keep up with things in place from January (listing, yoga and blogging three times a week plus photo project)
- February Newsletter, due out sometime mid-month.
- continue work on Wordpress site, hopefully soft launch end of February if not sooner
- finish pricing for graphic design and custom artwork so that we can list as options in our shop.
- start sorting through rest of road trip photos, work on new bookmarks and card ideas.

I'm keeping it short and sweet for February with the hope that I can focus my energy and get the Wordpress site complete sooner.

If you would like to join in the Meetup goal fun, visit Liz at Athena Dreams for more information.


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