There are things that I am passionate about that sometimes fall by the wayside and I forget that I am passionate about them. Or, rather, I forget just how passionate I can be about them. This weeks example: creating logos. I love love love creating logos. A friend recently started an Etsy shop and I have begun work on a logo for her. I figured it would be a chance to test my process before I list my services in my own Etsy Shop.

Except I think I changed my process. I became so involved with one design that I decided to send her that and see if I was even heading in the right direction. Once she responds I'll know if I am going in the right or wrong direction and can proceed from there. There are times when I do create three designs for the client to see first, but this one just worked out differently. And that is my discovery for the week - that process' can change project to project.

I think this is an important lesson for me and I'm excited about the possibilities that it unleashes.

I would love to have my photo for this post be said logo, but you will just have to wait until she approves it or until another design has been approved! :) Stay tuned for my Photo of the Week!

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