Things to Come

Yesterday was a day for fun and frivolity at the Sterling Renaissance Faire with friends. It's an annual tradition that I look forward to every year. If you've never been, the Sterling faire in particular really sets the mood with real buildings that are used every year for food, vendors and and a series of fantastic scenes and shows. This year there was a shortened Taming of the Shrew, which I really enjoyed. And of course the Joust Spectacular, which gets longer and slightly sillier every year, but is fun nonetheless. I keep adding to my outfit, this year it was a belt and skirt chasers and I think next year it's time to look into either a new hat or new shoes, or both.

Yesterday was a beautiful day to be outside, and the woods in which the faire is held are always beautiful this time of year. But soon enough more work must be done.Here's the new stack of laminated bookmarks to cut out -

as you might be able to see, there are pirates in the future! Stay tuned :)

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