Too Much TV

I go through phases with TV. I watched a lot as a child (a lot of older shows, nick at nite when it was cooooler) and a little less in HS due to being busy busy. In college I didn't have tv really so all I watched was Buffy at the campus center my freshman year. After college I barely watched TV until LOST hooked me and then it was all over....

Now I'm back to having several regular shows and it feels like too much sometimes. Right now it's House, Heroes, Glee, and Fringe. I'm sure more will start up. And I feel like I'm missing something. I feel guilty for not watching Dollhouse and supporting Joss Whedon, but I need to rent last season first... and I barely have time or money for that right now.

What are you watching? Do you feel like it's too much sometimes?

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