Monday Updates: pt 2 Craft Fairs

And on to part 2. The main thing I did this weekend (other than make a fabulous treasury) was search and buy display items for the upcoming craft fair. I'm still not sure how this is all going to work on the table, but at least i have most of my display pieces I think.

I found this perfectly colored storage box at Home Goods on sale because it was missing a top and a little beat up, and I think it'll be great for my larger prints:

Here are two white wooden crates (that my bf or I will be adding peach stripes to) for my smaller prints and a book box for some of my bookmarks:

And, in our most creative thought process - molding from Lowes will be cut into 2 ft pieces (I think) to put my bookmarks on. Twine has been bought to line the bottom just in case they slip forward too far, but I think it'll be good:

I also bought a fabulous wire piece to put my greeting cards on, but I forgot to take a photo.. I'll take one later :)

My boyfriend has also been working hard on a banner for my table/tent. Phase 1 was to project the logo onto the canvas and trace it with a pencil

Phase two was to paint paint paint!

As I type he's on the last phases of painting, then we get to decide if we want to cut the canvas or just fold it back to fit the table. I'm leaning towards cutting right now, but not sure.

So far so good, and pretty cost efficient so far as well. I'm really happy with all this, and I'm eagerly awaiting my photo mats and greeting cards... which hopefully will arrive this week.

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