YTT: Work Out Focus

Yesterday: I continued my every day wii fit regime, and continued my shopping for little things for the craft fair - receipt books and a calculator, clear bags for my greeting cards (h0pefully they'll fit), etc etc.

Today: So far I've spent a lot of my morning cutting out bookmarks to stock for the craft fair and spent 40 minutes doing the wii fit plus (which totally tired me out). I plan on continuing to cut out bookmarks, and go shopping for the last few remaining things I need for the fair (I think). I also need to run a few personal errands.

Tomorrow: I want to work on inventory sheets and organize myself and my stuff. I also want to start working on how my table is going to look put together.

What about you? What are your short term goals this week?

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Erica said...

Im mostly tired of this cold already. Im just miserable. I am getting ready for my daughters first birthday and that is exciting! her party is on saturday.


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