Monday Updates: Craft Fair 2 (and 3!)

Happy Monday Everyone! I sold at my second craft fair ever this past Saturday and I think it went pretty well. The down sides were that it was raining/starting to snow and that the sign outside said "tag sale" rather than Craft Fair or Holiday Craft Fair, but the fee was small and I made three new friends/acquaintances and a bit of profit as well.

I'd also like to note that through a friend I found out about an Art and Music Festival / Holiday Fair in Hartford that I'll be participating in next week. It's at a really nifty space called The Warehouse and seems like a really fun event. Live music, food and a bar combined with artists, crafters and raising food and money for Food Share.

But, back to the fair from this past weekend! One sweet crafter, Jenn of Red Crayon Creations, gave me a pair of Hostess Cupcake Earrings (seen above) that I wore yesterday and love! She wouldn't accept anything in return and so I gave a bookmark to another fantastic artist named Barbra Ziemer who was super friendly and gave me some great places to look for a few supplies I need for my next project :)

I also got jewelry making tips from Sam of Beadwork Artists, a local collective. I've been messing around with domino pendants featuring my photography and with her help I may actually be able to finish and start selling them.

So all in all, it was a good time and I can not wait for next weekend :)


Liz said...

Hi, I featured this post on my website about women who do amazing things. You can see the post here.

Lindsey said...

thank you so much! :)

Barbra Ziemer Photography said...

Thank you Lindsey for a mention on your blog! It was great to meet you, and I have a feeling you are going to do amazing things with your photography, you are very talented! Looking forward to seeing where glasswork takes you!! Barb Ziemer

Anonymous said...

those earrings look adorable & yummy! how cute, glad you had a good show


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