Reading Thursday: Peanuts and Busy-ness

Reading Thursday has fallen into disrepair. Last night instead of going back to the Hobbit I read a collection of Holiday Peanuts cartoons (which is awesome and wonderful, but not the type of reading that I really need to get back to).

I feel really busy lately which is good and bad. Mostly good though and once the Holidays are over I'm sure I'll go back to feeling like I can take more time for myself. Adding in this third craft fair takes up a little of my time I was expecting to have to myself, which is okay because it seems like it'll be awesome.

For those of you in Connecticut - The Snow Ball Art/Music Festival is at the Warehouse in Hartford this weekend and you really should come. There will be music, artists and vendors and it's for charity. We'll be raising money and food for Food Share (entrance is $10 or $7 and a can of food).

I'll also feel better once my Christmas shopping is done (not quite done yet, but still within my tiny budget which is good).

Are you feeling busy too right about now?


Kate and Oli said...

I don't think you should feel badly about not doing Reading Thursday.. It's something you do for you, and sometimes, life doesn't work out with these crazy (blog-related) schedules we try to impose on it! :)

Lindsey said...

:) thanks I think I needed that. Freeform Thursday? :D hehe


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