YTT: Happy Holidays!

(photo by me, taken the other day)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I can not believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I feel like the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas just FLEW by.

I'd just like to take a quick moment to let you know that I opened my Etsy store on September 1st, 2009. This means that many items that I put up on that day will be expiring on January 1st, 2010. I'll be doing small promotions on this blog and on twitter in the week between Christmas and New Years, but be sure to check out my store before 2010 because some of those bookmarks won't be coming back. .. at least not immediately.

Yesterday: I had a huge to do list and I managed to cross a third of the things off. I didn't really accomplish too much, but I did get things done.

Today: I spent some time reading the comments on the changes at Etsy that are happening and I've done a little promoting on twitter; today though, I really want to have some time for things I need to do personally. I want to edit more of my travel photos to show family on Christmas, mostly, which is still a huge undertaking since there are so many and I haven't looked at them in a while. I also want to write out a couple Christmas letters to send to people I haven't seen in a while.

Tomorrow: is Christmas Eve and I will be forcing myself to relax for two whole days, at the very least. I'll still pop by, but for the most part I won't be thinking Etsy or Shop or Promote.
What about you? Do you have any last minute things you need to get done before Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas) ? Happy Holidays Everyone!

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