YTT: Rainy Rainy Wednesday = CLEANING!!

It looks like the snow has passed by Southern CT, though I know there's a bunch farther North. Instead we have chilly rain, but that's okay. I feel like this week has been 2 weeks, I've done so much and still have lots to go.
Yesterday: The first half of this week was mostly devoted to a freelance graphic design project and I worked on that a bit yesterday as well. I also promoted a bit and made a sale, which was exciting :)

Today: I've already run a bunch of errands, now I have to clean a lot and then run more errands. Christmas shopping is almost done (and yes I did some handmade shopping on Etsy as well :) which feels good.

Tomorrow: Honestly, I have no idea what's going on tomorrow yet. I know I have a little prep work for my craft fair this weekend and probably continued work on my freelance project. I also really want to slow down for a little while and maybe read for a while. I've been so busy that the Hobbit has fallen by the wayside and I'd really like to pick it up again.

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