Monday Updates: Early Reading Thursday :D

It's been way too easy to be distracted over the holidays and just a little past. I'm starting to get myself back on track with daily lists, but still sometimes I find myself distracted. My bf and I rented season 1 of The #1 Ladies Detective Agency and we've been obsessively watching it over the past two days.

I've been a fan of the books for years and was excited to see the approach that was taken with the series lived up to all of my expectations and more. The tv series is able to show things that might be lost in the books and I love seeing the emotions that hide sometimes behind formality in full view on screen. We are also watching the extra behind the scenes footage, and it's fascinating to see Botswana both on screen and behind the scenes.

For those who aren't aware of this series, you can find the books in the Mystery section under Alexander McCall Smith. They are the story of Precious Ramotswe, an traditionally built African woman who decides to become a Lady Detective. Smith wonderfully captures a completely different way of life than most of us are used to experiencing. The characters are mostly very proper and live a slower, simpler life.

The HBO TV series, directed by the wonderful Anthony Minghella , is a perfect adaptation in my eyes and I can not wait to see a second season (hopefully there will be one). Nor can I wait to get back to the books, I haven't read the past two or three so I'm a little behind.


I'll be posting my January Goals, and a rundown of what I accomplished last month, in a little while.


Liz said...

I have friends who love, love love the "Detective Agency" books, and I just could not get into them. I hadn't realized they'd been turned into a television show. (My daughter and I have been doing marathon "Special Victims Unit" watching; maybe we should try this one.

Having a tough time getting into fiction, for some reason. Very unlike me, but the librarian I talked to the other night said the same thing. I am on a redecorating tear, though, so I've been spending my reading in the non-fiction arena, plus rereading old favorites for my fiction fix. At Home with Laurie Ann is my manual, so to speak, for transforming a couple rooms in our house that badly need it. Sheesh, some of the rooms have been virtually the same for years and years. Time to freshen up, plus simply replace worn out flooring in two of the rooms. She's got a really homey style I like plus it's written with budget and thrift in mind. In other words, she's got practical, inexpensive advice, plus tons of pictures and step-by-step pointers for getting it done. It is perfect for me.

Lindsey said...

Liz - good luck with room renovations, that's a fun project :)


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