OOW: Disney Movies

I think it started up again when I went to see The Princess and the Frog (which I highly highly recommend) and remembered what it is like to see a Disney movie for the first time and how wonderful it can be. Earlier in the year my bf and I were watching all the Disney movies I had, and some I didn't. We had one weekend where we watched all the ones featuring Dogs and another where we watched the ones featuring Cats. We watched classics and newer ones, but all original hand drawn animation movies.

My bf bought me Snow White for Christmas, which was exciting, and we watched it almost first thing. He'd never seen it before. He'd also never seen Cinderella, so we watched that the other night. And Sleeping Beauty is in the background eager to be watched next. I saw a commercial about which movies are heading into the vault at the end of this month ( grr I hate that vault) and so my decision on which movies I need to buy next has been made.

My parents have most of the classics on VHS but I've been told that when I leave they are not coming with me, and so my quest to build my DVD Disney collection began and continues to grow. Wikipedia was helpful in obtaining a list of all the feature films and I'm slowly crossing them off.

My favorite Disney musicals are Beauty and the Beast and Oliver and Company. My favorite non-musicals are Lilo and Stitch and The Emperor's New Groove. But Cinderella was my first favorite. I remember watching it almost every day and I still know most of it by heart. I'm not sure why it attracted me so much.

I have this thing for fairy tales. I've taken classes in them, I collect complete collections of them (I have several Grimms collections, a Hans Christian Anderson one and a couple random collections). I love reading them and thinking about what they are trying to say. I love seeing how they change from country to country and adaptation to adaptation. It's fascinating to me.

What about you? What are your favorite Disney films?


Anonymous said...

I am from Louisiana and would like to see the new Disney movie when it comes to TV. I am not really a fan of Disney movies anymore, but three I have always loved are feline-themed: The Lion King, Oliver & Company, and The Aristocats.


Anonymous said...

It will be great to watch Beauty & the Beast,i have bought tickets from http://ticketfront.com/event/Beauty_&_the_Beast-tickets looking forward to it.


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