OOW: Re-Designing

First I would like you to know that Audrey at Audzipan Anthology has featured me on her blog today, so please go visit her blog and take a peek! and now..

My obsession right now is re-designing. In particular, my personal logo (not fallenpeach) and portfolio website. I've felt for a long time that the red on the site is too much, but hadn't the time or inspiration to work on it. Yesterday I started work on a new logo for myself and once that is done I'll continue on to the website.

It's interesting to see what you used to love and how you've changed when you start to look at something to change it. Red was My Color, but now I can see that it takes away from my work a little and is a bit garish.

I've had the current logo/website for several years now, and it's just time for a change.

Do you have a portfolio website? Do you like it or wish you had time to redesign?

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