YTT: Back to It!

Good Morning Everyone. I had trouble falling asleep last night, so I'm still a little groggy. But I'm also feeling energetic and ready to get things done.

Yesterday: I ran a lot of important errands, mailed some bills, blogged about other Etsy sellers, had a few good conversations and possibly discovered a new band to listen to.

Today: I woke up and organized half of my greeting card stock into a box I bought yesterday. I plan on working on photo editing and wholesale figures, I also have a few errands to make and would like to maybe do some web re-design work on my portfolio site.

Tomorrow: I'd like to continue photo editing and web re-design work as well as finish working on my wholesale figures and plans.

What are your short term goals this week? Are you being productive or still groggy from the holidays?


Claire Maunsell said...

The laundry! It's a mountain! So yes, unproductive for today and I'm also having trouble deciding what to start with when I do get back to work...

Lindsey said...

good luck! :D

French Revelation said...

I love reading your YTT posts. Always motivating.

Lindsey said...

great! feel free to join in :)


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