Really? Monday?

Happy Monday Everyone :) I hope you all had a great weekend. I took a weekend break from Etsy to get some other things done, and just plain relax a little and I feel very refreshed.

Last night I was lucky enough to see a fantastic free concert performance of the Sgt. Pepper Beatles' album (with a few Let it Be and White Album tracks tacked on the end) and it was incredible. So much fun and definitely made me flash back a little to when I was younger and attending Beatles' cover band shows much more often :) . The band is called Classic Albums Live, and they do a lot of different covers - check them out, they are incredible.

Over the weekend I also experimented with my DVD/VHS player - I can transfer, or dub or whatever, things from the VHS to the DVD and so I started with tv specials that I can't buy and later this week I'm going to transfer a bunch of home movies. Should be fun and entertaining. Plus clears up a lot of space in my video drawer. A lot of these home movies will probably fit on one or two DVDs.

We didn't get the snow that a lot of people are reporting, here in CT. In fact we got absolutely no snow over the weekend. But it did get bitter cold, which makes me wish we did get snow. I can handle the cold but only when it comes with snow. Without snow I just wish even harder for Spring.

This week I have a lot of goals that fell by the wayside last week, but WILL get done this week. To start, I listed a new card in my shop. Enjoy!

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