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I very much enjoyed the new Alice in Wonderland movie. I wasn't sure that I would since I knew it was not going to be a direct adaptation, but I did. The script was good, quirky and felt right at home in Wonderland, the cast was marvelous and the visuals stunning. It was a delight to see a dark, dangerous Wonderland and thankfully none of it was too over the top (although the Hatter's dance could be considered slightly so).

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went on a small hike in search of a letterbox, which was fun. A bit muddy, but fun. The weather has been beautiful the past couple days and I can only hope that it continues and Spring is truly here. (please?!).

On a more businessy note, I've been thinking about adding my graphic design services into my Etsy store. I noticed that a lot of similar listings on Etsy are extremely under-priced, which makes it difficult for me to price my work and expect any kind of response. So, I need to work out a price that I am happy with, and we'll see what happens. Any opinions, questions, comments or advice?

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