Reading Thursday: Annotated Alice

This week, in honor of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland arriving in theaters (despite my worries about changes and too many effects) I'm re-reading one of my favorite books - well two Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I received the Annotated Alice from a friend for my birthday a while back, but have not yet had the chance to read it. This is the third copy of Alice in Wonderland on my bookshelf, and it is by far the most in-depth. Side notes tell stories and give information that aren't necessary, but can be interesting and delightful to read.
The one thing I'm loving so far in this version is that the original versions of the poems that Carroll parodies are included so I can see that it is a Bee and not a Crocodile etc etc etc.

Alice in Wonderland has always had a secure place in my heart. I have a used copy of the book that is looked new when I bought it, but is now nearly in pieces from my having read it so many times (I also have a copy of Pooh Corner that is in a similar condition). I can't explain the love for this book. Maybe it's the language, or that Alice isn't perfectly likeable. Maybe it's the pure imagination of stories and creatures that abound. Maybe it's just that it's a classic and something I've always loved. A new sort of fairy tale.

When I first heard that Tim Burton was doing Alice I got excited. I love Tim Burton (despite his destruction of another favorite, Willy Wonka). Even seeing the trailer, I got more excited. Visually, it looks awesome. But then I saw the trailer a few too many times and noticed that this isn't just Alice, nor just Looking Glass.. that it might be something different altogether. Which, to me, is unnecessary and silly. There is plenty of great material to work from, why add more?

So, I will be seeing Alice and I am still a touch excited, but the worried part of me is there too. I hope there is not too much added and that he says true to the nature of the beast (beasts?).

Where do you stand on this? Excited? Worried? Both?

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Anna said...

I too love this book. I got a new beautiful copy as a gift recently (wonderland and looking glass together) and am so looking forward to reading it again, it's been a long time. I'll be curious to hear how the movie is.


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