Where I Work: The Desk.

While I'm awaiting questions from you folks for my more personal blog post (hint hint! :D) I decided to give you a peek at my work space. 

This is the  corner of my room in which I work, talk to you guys and get distracted. On the left you can see part of my entertainment center which stores my stock of bookmarks and greeting cards, my paper cutter, glue, cutting board, ruler etc etc etc. Basically all of the stuff I need to make what I make. On the top shelf you can sort of see my Labyrinth display (Labyrinth is my all-time favorite movie). To the right is my desk.

My organizer on the left on top of my scanner, a lot of critters and things scattered, cup o' pens, white board with weeks to do list, and of course my laptop.

I must add, this is my desk looking CLEAN. It was much much worse the other day. 


In other news, it is Monday and it is miserably rainy outside. This does not make it easy for me to start my new regime of being more strict with my work hours. I've decided that the time has come for me to NOT work 24/7 and I need to really take some time away from the computer and away from work more often because I've been a little stressed out lately.

The rain just makes me want to be lazy, but I want to try out my new schedule today so I will try to be good.

How is your week starting out?


Anna said...

I love your desk. And orange walls! Orange makes me happy. :) Oh, and speaking of color, your new blog layout has a lovely colorful feel to it, and it's nice and streamlined. I love seeing people's workspaces.

Lindsey said...

thanks Anna ;)


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