YTT: Back Again

As some of you know, I accidentally missed last weeks YTT post, but here I am again with my days straight. :) It is Wednesday, right?

Yesterday: I finally finished reading The Hobbit (it's been a while), I worked on a logo for a sort of secret project, I also re-designed my print ad for a different size and I started to feel sick (my throat is getting scratchy ugh). And I watched LOST.

Today: I will photograph my magnets that are done and work on designing packaging for them, I will also try to work more on the sort of secret project and I need to call and make an appointment to have my taxes done.

Tomorrow: I would like to say I'll start listing magnets, but I'm not sure yet. I don't have any doubles and I may test them out at the SoNo Flea this weekend first. Tomorrow I will also start picking which prints I want to display when I have space to display them at a local cafe next month. And I need to find cheap but nice frames for them as well.

What are your short term goals this week? Do you feel productive or bleh?

1 comment:

French Revelation said...

Even though you are feeling sick this week you still manage to be organised! My goals this week - I'll just go with bleh:)


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