Wedding Bells

new wedding bells bookmark, click to see details
Happy Monday! This weekend I attended a wedding, so I thought it only appropriate to list my brand new Wedding Bells bookmark in the store today. The wedding was beautiful and I had a lot of fun - even got the boy to "twist" with me (yes I am that girl - that is the only dancing we really did other than a couple slow ones).

I just got a little distracted by the photo above. I actually really love it as a photograph.. Wondering how it would do as a print. Hrm, something to think about!

Anyway, the weekend was busy (I'm not even sure where Sunday went), but I'm back and focused today (for the most part). I ran my errands first thing today, as a change, and it worked out well. It's good to change things up every once in a while. We just found out that the peach flowers are blossoming at a local orchard and may have to take a trip later (there will be photos if we do!), and we're thinking about having the first outdoor fire of the season sometime either this week or next, which is exciting. The weather is back to normal Spring, which makes me happy (that 95 degree ridiculousness needs to wait till Summer!).

As you can read, I'm a little all over the place today - but I'm okay with that. Off to cross more things off my list - how was your weekend?

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