Fireworks! Story Behind the Magnets

I want to introduce you to my newest magnet set, and how they were made - because it's pretty cool.

My fireworks magnet set features four completely unique images taken from photographs I took last Summer on the fourth of July. At the fireworks display, one of the banks handed out light refraction glasses, just paper glasses with a unique front. They were meant for watching the fireworks, but Matt and I decided to take it one step further and put the glasses in front of our camera lenses. The result is just pure awesome. I'll be sure to find some of the original photographs and post them here closer to the Fourth of July this year, but for now - enjoy samples of them through these unique magnets.


Anna said...

I love how these came to be. The one on the lower left looks like a pastel or watercolor painting. Never would have guessed it was fireworks!

Lindsey said...



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