Lost, Featured and Immobile

The LOST finale last night moved me to tears and cheers several times. I really enjoyed the ending, despite the lack of answers, and was also very amused by Target's Lost themed commercials. After 6 years, it's going to be weird to not be looking forward to a new episode every week.

Secondly for today, I'd like to point you to this wonderful Summer themed treasury that I'm featured in. There are some lovely blue items in there, including my Lawn Chair bookmark.

In other news, here I am, stuck on the couch for a while due to a small fracture in my foot. I twisted my ankle/foot Friday night and have been keeping it iced and elevated as per instructions. I meet with a foot doctor later this week and I'm really hoping that he'll tell me healing time is much less than what I have been told so far. All in all it doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would, but it is extremely inconvenient as I am always on the go and have a ton of things on my list to do. Of course it's my right foot, so I can't drive either which is just frustrating. Not that I would, anyway, that just seems dangerous. Sigh.

Since it's Monday, of course my mind is racing with a million things I want to do, but I think I'm going to need till tomorrow to start getting much done. Today I'm going to focus on resting and to do lists. And trying to find something decent to watch on TV. Which is not at all easy.


HeatherScent said...


I can't say I hated the ending, but I didn't think, "That was perfect", like I did when Buffy ended. You know, when she is standing over the crater that use to be Sunnydale, smiling because she realizes she is no longer alone in this world. I had no more questions. She was finished.

With Lost, we'll never know HOW the light got there, WHO put it there, or WHAT exactly it all means, but I guess it's just suppose to be faith or something.

I loved how Vincent showed up to be with Jack at the end. And it did move me to tears every time someone in Sideways world (now I guess it was 'pergatory') remembered their life on Earth, realized where they were (even though we didn't know it yet), and then were at peace with it and where they were going to move on to.

Also very interesting that Ben decided he wasn't yet finished atoning, and decided to stay behind.

The more I think about it, the more I am liking The End.

Lindsey said...

I know what you mean. I remember watching that last Buffy and realizing that it was over. It's a little annoying to still have questions with Lost, but somewhere I read something like - it wasn't what they went through that mattered but the people who were involved. I like that as a message.

but, yeah, I'd still love to know more about the island ...


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