Mornings Like This

 The sun streamed through the sliver at the bottom of the shade and woke me naturally, at least an hour before my alarm went off. When I looked over at my desk, this was the sight that greeted me. <3

After a little bit of playing in photoshop, this is the interpretation I came up with. I'm thinking about offering it as a print in my shop or maybe making a free desktop wallpaper out of it for you guys. What do you think?

Either way, it was a delicious way to start the morning and I only hope that this is a productive day for all of us :) Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Ooh! Pretty Pretty! Both photos are awesome, and I can't believe you got the 2nd from the 1st (well, I can believe it, I'm just such a Ps beginner that it amazes me!)

And speaking of amazing, I'm amazed that I never wrote you to say thank you for that lovely card - it's been crazy, but still - so THANK YOU!!!!!

Lindsey said...

thanks on the photos :)

but what card? sorry if I'm forgetting something, I've been a little distracted lately!


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