Planning and Things to Come

My accident has made things a little slow going for me, which is driving me up a wall. I keep thinking of more and more things that I'd like to be doing and can't. I'm also trying to focus on the things I CAN do so that I don't go completely crazy. With June coming up, and our monthly goal  "Meet Up" around the corner I realize that my plans for the coming month have changed a lot in the past week. Well, not a lot but a bit. Here's ab it of a teaser for my meetup post.

A Few Plans I had for this Week That Haven't Worked Out:

I had planned on listing some of Matt's art, particularly those three pieces I posted about last week but haven't been able to photograph them.

Planned on printing some more bookmarks that I'm almost sold out of, but I'm not near my printer which is upstairs.

Planned on making new greeting cards and sending out business cards and greeting cards to print. Again, need stuff upstairs.


Another thing that keeps flip flopping is Matt and My Roadtrip Adventure of 2010. A little while back Matt and I had this idea to have another crazy cross country road trip adventure. Last time we only had 2 weeks and there are a lot of things we would do differently. We know that this may or may not be the best time for an excursion like this, but there are a lot of reasons to go and live our lives while we can. I'll get into that stuff more on the Nowhere Nerds blog, but the point is provided my sprained (!! found out it's probably not a fracture!!) ankle heals in the proper short amount of time we WILL be doing this road trip.

When we do we will still be selling our things through Etsy and we will be sending special postcards with each purchase from where ever we are. Or, at least, I'd like to do that. I have a lot of plans for this trip and since it looks like it will be happening, that's another thing to add to my list - plan for the trip and make sure I have everything ready for it.

I keep getting distracted from this blog post, so I'll leave it here for now. But I have a lot to think about for my Meetup Post.

PS have you seen the poll in the sidebar?

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