Unpacking, Steampunk Mini Poppet by StrangeStudios

Last week I ordered a mini Steampunk Poppet from Lisa of StrangeStudios on Etsy and it arrived yesterday! In the past, I've ordered two regular sized Red Poppets and I love them so much. When these went on sale, I had to order one.

 My mini poppet arrived in a box of crinkly black paper within an envelope of the same. I love that she arrived (I think I've decided this one is a she, no name yet though) in her own little box home.

She is blue and bronze in color, with button markings and goggles.

She is tiny, half the size of my thumb and eagerly awaiting joining her larger red brothers upstairs.. but is willing to keep her immobile friend company for the time being.

and yes those are my buffy disc sets providing a blurry background. I've begun rewatching the whole series (or I did a while back and am now continuing it) and am on Season 3, which is super awesome.

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