Weekend Adventures

 This weekend was full of absolutely beautiful weather, day trip adventures and relaxation (for the most part). Saturday we spent a good couple hours reading outside in the sunshine. Matt is on the last Dark Tower book and I'm on the first. We grilled (first of the season, I believe) hot dogs and burgers for dinner and watched Radioland Murders before bed.

Sunday we half-spontaneously took a day trip to Lexington Massachusetts to visit the National Heritage Museum's Jim Henson Exhibit. I've been waiting to go see this exhibit ever since I heard about it months ago so it was great to just decide and go. Unfortunately, no photographs were allowed, so I just have my words to say that it was a great trip.

I've had a Henson obsession ever since I was little. It started mostly with watching re-runs of the Muppet Show and then grew with my Labyrinth attachment. I own a handful of Henson and Creature Shop related books and just love the company and it's work so much. I've even thought about trying to get a job there.

Point being, it was super exciting to be able to go to this exhibit and see Jim Henson's sketches and doodles along with several of the actual Muppet puppets. Rowlf, Burt and Ernie, Mahna Ma Na (and friends) were all there to be viewed along with a nice selection of props and clothes from The Dark Crystal. Sadly, there were no Labyrinth props but I know they are promoting Dark Crystal because they are making another one so I'm okay with that.

If you are anywhere near Lexington Mass (we were about a two hour drive away) and are a fan of Jim Henson - I highly recommend taking the trip. There is free admission and a few other cool exhibits going on at the museum as well. Jim Henson's Fantastic World is on display through June 27th and I think it might be traveling after that too.

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