Craft Fair Blues

after the rain, we set up differently

 Yesterday we sold at the Strawberry Festival in South Windsor, CT. Things were going really well from 10 - 12 noon, and then the torrential downpours started. Seams of our tent were leaking in a couple spots so we had to do a quick rearrangement of the tent and put up the walls to keep out water, but once we were settled we felt okay.

However, a lot of other crafters felt differently and packed up to leave. We stuck around until 5, and there were still people walking around with umbrellas but with so many open spaces now, the craft fair wasn't really a huge draw. The rain stopped for a good while, but the crowd never really picked up again. It was kind of a sad day, but we kept our spirits up with good food, good music and laughter. Hopefully our next outdoor fair will have much better weather.

My little camera stopped working randomly, so the only photo I have from yesterday is an iphone picture of the tent post-rain. Originally we had more of a U formation where people could walk into the tent.

We've pretty much packed up all of our stuff and are ready to take off on our Great Summer Adventure. We'll be poking our heads back in here when we can, but mostly will be blogging over at Nowhere Nerds. So, please keep up with us as we will be still be selling our wares in the store and will be talking about our adventures as much as possible. :)

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