Morning or Night Person?

Yesterday I accomplished a lot. But I didn't start really accomplishing things until after 1pm, which is strange for me. For the past year + I've been aiming to get up earlier and earlier. I'm usually out of bed by 8am and on the computer getting things done. My usual schedule involves an hour or so lunch break and then back to work until 6pm ish depending on my motivation and work load.

Yesterday I worked from about 1pm till 6pm, which is less than usual but I got a lot done. This has been a sort of theme for this week and I think I'm having a small identity crisis. I thought I was a morning person, but now I'm not too sure. It might just be this week. I haven't been sleeping well, and my leg/foot aches are sometimes painful to distraction, but it's confusing me all the same.

Do your habits change week to week or are you pretty much always the same?

Also, I didn't get any comments on yesterdays post and I'd really like some if possible - Which Imagine Bookmark do you like more? Thanks!

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