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tent weights in the making
Yesterday was spent with a friend making tent weights for my borrowed craft fair tent. You can see the results above. They are not done, but I can't do much else until the cement hardens. I'm slightly worried about the bottoms since we opted to spend less money and not buy the caps that go over the PVC pipes and these have fallen off of two of the pipes during the process of putting in the concrete... but once everything hardens I'm hoping they'll be fine.

And with that, one more thing is crossed off of the insane June to do list that I showed you all about a week ago. I've managed to knock three pages down to two in the past week - and only one of those pages is things that must be done before we leave on our trip, which makes me feel more secure about getting it all done. The weights were a big part of what I need to get done, the article for the new magazine another. The first draft is written and I'm pretty happy with it, so hopefully that will be completed today as well.

Overall I'm getting things done at a pretty good pace and I'm feeling good about June. Some of it will flow over into July, but that is to be expected and I'm okay with that. My car is in the shop getting a look over, which is going to take up a bit of my time today and I'm hoping in the meantime I'll just keep crossing things off!

How is your June going? 

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