YTT: Sneak Peeks and Feeling Good

I can not believe it's almost August. July just flew by for me. It's amazing how much our road trip cleared my head. A couple weeks back and I'm still feeling good. I'm accomplishing things, taking it slower and feeling less stressed out. There are still, obviously, some kinks that need to be worked out before I can feel extra extra  good about everything, but I'm on my way. Above is a sneak peek at something that Matt is working on. I can not wait to get it printed and show you guys, I love this drawing so much.

Yesterday: I edited even more photos and have some great new bookmarks ready to print (and some great new prints); I ran a couple important errands; I blogged about a friend of mine's store; I had a phone call meeting with my career coach; I cleaned a bit; I finished putting my addresses in a new address book; we watched Warehouse 13 (aawesome); and I took time to read before bed (finished a book - review Thursday). I also CUT PRICES in my Etsy store - all Magnet Sets are now $10.

Today: I need to wash my car. It went all the way across the country and back and hasn't been washed since :/ ; I also have a couple errands to run; more photo editing; listing SOMETHING to Etsy although I'm not sure what yet; and I have to make a to do list for my "show" that still doesn't have a date yet.

Tomorrow: More photo editing; start on the show to do list I am making today; have some reading time; and whatever else I can squeeze in.

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