Updates, YTT and Oyster Festival !

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I have been working pretty much non-stop, and spending a lot of time not near the computer. Blog will go back to normal next week (along with some new products!!) but until then here are some updates.

Yesterday I had prints made then matted, signed and bagged them all. I also made new pricing tags for the festival and did print inventory.

Today I am going to figure out packaging  for card sets, buy a few frames and decide which prints to frame and hang at the festival, and work with Matt on a joint portfolio to put out for people to look at.

Tomorrow will be a day for last touches and making sure everything is done. We'll also repack everything so that it's more organized (and fits in the car better!) and print out Matt's illustrations for sale.

The weather on Saturday is supposed to be absolutely perfect, and I really really hope it is. I'm extremely excited and nervous as this is the biggest fair that we'll have done AND it's in my hometown. I'm also really excited about all of my new products, if I get my preparations done early I'll try to take a few photos to give you a sneak peek on Friday.

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