Waiting For Wednesday..

Wednesday is September 1st and a few big things will be happening here at fallenpeach. One, it's our Etsyversary and we will be holding a contest! Two, it's Meetup day, so I'll be listing my goals for September. And Three, I will be starting a new project. Details on the contest will arrive on Wednesday, but I can talk about my new project now!

I've always wanted to do some kind of daily thing. I tried journaling growing up, but was never consistent. In college I put together a sort of poor woman's scrapbook of cartoons and clippings and things I wanted to remember, but that wasn't really daily and the book is only half full... as it got abandoned after college ended.

So I've decided to do one of the things I do best, with a twist. I'm going to take a photo every day. Sometimes it'll be a mundane photo, other times more creative. I'm going to put together a book with these photos and then some type of paragraph or comment on the day or something positive in my life or something I'm loving that day. I was going to just buy a notebook and use that, but I've decided on another path. I'm going to buy a smaller sized three ring binder (maybe a 5x7 one or something) and fill it with blank paper . I may have to punch the holes myself, but that's okay. A bigger page is more intimidating to me, and although with pages so small I may have to print the photos smaller, I think ultimately it'll be better for me. Or maybe I'll put the photo on one side of the page and comments on the other, we'll see what works best once I start.

I'll be sharing my photos and some comments on Friday of every week at this blog both because I'd like to share the progress and possibly inspire, but also because I'm hoping you will keep me motivated! :)

Have you ever done something like this? Did you follow through? Any advice or suggestions?

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ArtTales said...

That sounds like a great idea! I've always wanted to do a photo a day but haven't ever started the process.

Congrats on your Etsy Anniversary!


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