YTT: Photo Show Prep

now in the store!
  It never ends, it seems. The Oyster Fest is over and now I must prepare to hang my photography in a local eatery! I''m not complaining, I'm just busy and it feels good.

Yesterday: I listed the first in a line of retro style products, I went to print some of my photos as 11 x 14's, I finished my 8 x 10 artist bio to hang in the eatery, and I obsessed over the idea of possibly getting a smartphone soon. I also watched Warehouse13 (good episode, although could have done without the high school stereotypes) and tried to get to bed early.

Today: I will pick up my prints, buy a few last minute supplies, make description tags to hang below my framed prints, start to frame said prints. Oh and I listed another bookmark made from Matt's adorable illustration of a black cat!

Tomorrow: I have no clue. I'll probably still be framing and making tags and getting things ready. I'll be hanging my photography on Friday, but the actual opening will be in a couple weeks.

What's on your plate this week?

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