Meetup: September PLUS Etsyversary Celebrations!

I woke today feeling refreshed. It felt like a Monday, or my birthday, or the first day of a new year. I can feel changes on the wind and it makes me feel confident and good. August was not my best month. I did accomplish most, if not all, of my goals but it was a month of stress and frustration due to some other forces. September is looking to be much much better. It helps that today is my first Etsyversary :)

Taking a look back on August: Most of my goals for August surrounded the Oyster Festival where I had a vendors booth this year. I made a whole lot of new products, figured out how we were going to hang framed things within the tent and had a moderately successful fair. I've also starting listing Halloween products in the store and have more to come. I did not yet list my graphic design services and I think that's just because I was crazy busy prepping for the fair and all.

A Liquid Lunch Update: I'm proud to say that after months of trying to get it worked out, half of the images I planned to hang are hanging within the eatery. The rest will go up when another display goes down, after an auction later this month. I'm still working out details for an official opening, but I'm halfway there.

September Goals:

1. Get back on track with to do lists and organization. I fell off the wagon a little last month.
2. Continuing listing a new item every day
3. tweak blog side bar
4. Have first ever fallenpeach giveaway contest (see below)!
5. work on re-design of portfolio website / incorporating into fallenpeach site ?
6. list graphic design services
7. decide on Autumn craft fairs, if any, to apply to.

If you'd like to join in on The Meetup, take a look at Liz's blog Athena Dreams for more information.

And now the moment you have been waiting for!

It's been a full year since I started fallenpeach and I think it's been a pretty darn good year! I've begun to really build this business and I'm extremely proud of where I am with it today. To celebrate I'm holding a contest!

How to Enter:

1. Choose a book you are reading or want to read or re-read.
2. Choose a bookmark from my store that would work perfectly for the book (see number 1)
3. Be a follower of my Blog, or a fan of my Facebook page
4. Leave a comment either here or on my FB page telling me which bookmark you would use for which book
5. Win! Well, there will be at least one lucky winner announced on next Wednesday, September 8th. They will win their chosen bookmark.

A Note: Please make it easy for me to contact you via email. Or keep a close watch on this blog September 8 to see if you win.


sarahstevenson3 said...

Hi Lindsey--sounds like September is going to be great...Have a great month and see you on the Meetup

bluehour said...

Hey Lindsey,
Congrats on making it through the year!It must feel wonderful, good luck with your goals this month.It sounds like you'll have a wonderful September.

Angie said...

Love your Liquid Lunch update. What a cool opportunity. Happy Etsyversary, Lindsey!

Anonymous said...

Yup - a big woohoo for making it through year #1. Will you take pix of your liquid lunch installation? Or have you posted about it and I missed it - I am WOEFULLY behind in blog reading (story of my life!)

Have a great Septenber!

RiverDog Prints said...

Happy Etsyversary! What a great milestone to reach. September seems to bring a bright side to our creating lives, so I hope your month goes well!

Liz said...

Hi Lindsey, oh yay for another september is the start of all things new and wonderful girl... good luck with everything on your list, congrats on your etsyversary, and the show that is hanging, and hope your september is wonderful!

Lindsey said...

Thanks Everyone, the show will be on September 18th and I will definitely take photos to show!


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