Promises Promises and new Schedules

In general, I try to keep this blog negativity and excuse free. It's just who I am. Skimming my more recent blog entries, I see the start of excuses for not having a new post up every day even though it is ME who actually decides that. Which means I shouldn't stress out about it.

Because of my retail job October's goal list pretty much didn't happen. Part of it did, which you'll see come November 1, but most of it just didn't happen. I'm still working on a happy way to join my two jobs and make it all work, but lately I've just been exhausted. I've also been working a lot of night shifts, which makes it hard to get up early and get things done the next day. And that is the extent of my excuses right now.

Point being, I'm cutting my blog posting down to three times a week. I know this is what you are usually getting about now, but I'm putting it out there for myself too - there will be blog posts three times a week although the days may be different each week.  I have a few more Halloween posts in mind, once I get computer issues solved and photos ready. And then next week I will be starting the month fresh by planning out my blog posts.

And so I'm asking, what is it that you like about this blog? What features would you like me to try and keep going as often as possible?

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