Snow SNOW!

 Last night and today Connecticut got whalloped (is that even a word?) ... with lots and lots and lots of snow. I honestly haven't seen this much snow in one fall since I was about 12 or 13. Our poor snowman is picking up a drift, although he is still smiling so maybe he likes it.

It's almost soothing to go outside and not hear much noise. Plows go by, but most people aren't driving and it's quiet out. I like it. Although having to spend hours digging out my car cut into the soothing part, now that that is mostly done I can enjoy the "snowed in" feeling. We had grilled cheese for lunch and I'm debating a nice mug of hot chocolate for later.

But for now, I'll be working in wordpress and trying to get some fallenpeach things done on my unexpected day off. What can I say, I'm a workaholic at times. What do you do on your snow days?

How about some reading? And a bookmark that makes you think of Summer?


Frannie said...

I love your snowman! He's dreamy.

Whalloped IS a word...you know why?
We got "whalloped" with snow here in Georgia. And whalloped hard.

So, on my snow day I walked out side alot. We don't see much snow here. Fed the birds, and made a snow angel.

Rachel said...

In Nacogdoches we spend a lot of time dreaming about snow days. We actually had one last year -6 inches of snow ;) We built a snowman,lost power, braved the snow for hot chocolate and donuts, and spent a lot of time next to the fire.

Lindsey said...

yay for snow angels and hot chocolate! :)


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