Spontaneity or When to Know

I am one of those people who plans and plans and plans and never thinks that their plan will work out and so does not act. The one exception to this was our latest road trip. We literally didn't know we were going until the day we left and it was wonderful.

I don't want to get into too many details right now, but I've been working on a plan for at the very least months and at the extreme years and I am afraid that it will never come to pass. This caused a snap in my thinking yesterday and now I'm wondering, should I just ACT and screw the plan and see what happens?

It's not a small plan,  if it goes wrong "well, oh well" will not be the proper response. But it's not a huge plan either where things would go horribly horribly wrong if it fails. It's a somewhere in between plan.

Well, if it works out, I'll be talking more about it here. But for now. Wish me luck.

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