Story Behind It: Santa Monica Card

Sometimes I still find it hard to believe that Matt and I drove to California and back, twice. We did much more than just that the second time as well, but California always seemed so strange and distant. Particularly strange for me was driving through L.A., Hollywood and Santa Monica. I really never thought I would ever see the famous hand prints or that iconic sign on the mountain.

This photo was taken while we were at a red light. I had just missed the actual Beverly Hills sign (which totally brought me back to my Troop Beverly Hills watching days) and I wanted some kind of memento of Santa Monica Boulevard. It was a fancy street, exactly what I would have thought. Palm trees neatly lining the sides, fancy houses and gardens abounded. The photo really came out great and I'm happy to add it to my shop in the form of a blank greeting card, ready for your message or to be framed and kept as art.

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