Busy Busy Busy & TiLT

The stack of things to do that is currently on my desk has started to overflow to the floor and my bed. I currently have:

*a freelance project
*two interviews to prepare for
*a huge stack of bookmarks to cut out and get laminated
*and a desk to clean.. ..
* not to mention the stuff that doesn't have physical representation at the moment.

In fact, I was so caught up I almost forgot to take stock in the things that are keeping me moving this week - here's my TiLT:

- places that want to interview me for jobs
- plotting a steampunk outfit
- Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
- Mazzy Star's "Into Dust"
- thunderstorms
- feeling active and busy
- picnics in parks and spontaneous photo shoots in pretty gardens


also LOVING The Clockwork Cabaret podcast, which can be found here.

after a quick search, I'm apparently ahead of Gala Darling this morning - but here's a link to her nonetheless. :)

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