Yesterday I devoted more time to job searching than to crafting and then ended up outside for much of the day. This proved to be a wise decision because today it is raining - and therefore perfect for crafting and indoor things. However, all that outdoor time wreaked havoc on my sinuses and my head is pounding right now and I'm moving slowly.

When I was a little kid rainy days were for exploring. My father had a box in the attic that we would take out on special rainy days and I would search through his treasures of old coins and knick knacks in awe and wonder..

as an adult (sort of) rainy days are for getting things done when you've spent the sunny days playing. It's sad, but in a weird way makes me equally happy. I'm starting a new adventure and exploring treasures of the internet and my own creativity - and with that I think I'll get started on cutting out more bookmarks.

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