Monday Updates and Plotting

As I start to get myself back into a creative rhythm, I realized that in order to keep myself blogging regularly I should come up with theme days or things I know I would like to focus on. Until I really get Fallenpeach going I'm going to blog three times a week.

Monday will be for creative updates
Wednesday will be for ideas and dreamings and goals
Friday will be my Obsession of the Week.


Tomorrow I'll be checking in with Collected Stories. It's been a month since my bookmarks appeared in their store and I'm curious to see how they sold. Today I worked on repricing the bookmarks, so if they struggled I have a new price for to try out.


Digital photography is both a wonderful thing and a bit of a curse. It's hugely awesome to have the ability to take as many photos as you want without having to change out film. However, without the anticipation to see what your photos look like sometimes I go months without printing. Yesterday I printed almost a years worth of photos, which wasn't as expensive as I expected it to be. I really need to keep up with that better.

What about you? What's the longest you've gone without printing your photos? Do you still use actual photo albums like me or just post them online?

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