The Story Behind....

My newest listing is my Carhenge bookmark. And here's the story behind the photo.

Last April I went on a cross country adventure with my boyfriend. It was the best thing I've ever done and I want to go again, for a longer amount of time, the next chance I get. One of the sights on my list of things to see was Carhenge - a Stonehenge made out of cars - in Alliance, Nebraska.

The wind was bitter cold that day, but nonetheless we got a ton of great photos. This one is one of my favorites. I have more that I'm thinking about making into prints eventually, but for now - enjoy!


Kate & Oli said...

That's a great shot! I've never heard of Carhenge, but now it's on my list!

Dotty Jane said...

I grew up about 45 miles from Alliance so your photo caught my eye.
Nice blog, by the way! Found you on Etsy.

Lindsey said...

thanks :)

How did you like growing up out there? Is it always that windy?!


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