YTT: Wednesday Already?

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday everyone! This week seems to be flying past, but I'm still getting things done!

Yesterday I promoted a lot, posted a blog about cute and cuddly things for sale on etsy, sent out an order, went to the dentist and changed up my organization on the blog sidebar (see the blogs I read).

Today I have a few errands to run and I'd really like to edit more vacation photos, so I might stay away from Etsy a little until I've done that. It's waaaay too addicting :) I also want to work on my design for my official fallenpeach.com site, which is currently in the works.

Tomorrow I'll focus more on job searching and also looking for places around town to maybe show my photography.

what about you, readers? What are you trying to accomplish this week?


esque said...

Hey, what a fun post this is! At bit of reflection mixed with planning for tomorrow! Cool! Well, tomorrow is Thursday and I've gotta clean my desk off so I can work on a couple of new designs for the shop!


Lindsey said...

it's my weekly goals to keep me organized :) feel free to join in.


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