New and The Story Behind Them!

First new bookmark is my Santa Alien in a Jacuzzi . This image came from a silly day when my bf and I found the Santa Alien in a drawer in my house. We noticed that the flower holder part of a plate on the table could be a jacuzzi and hilarity ensued. I really like how the photo came out, it's silly and fun and perfect for celebrating the holidays with some quirky fun.

Next is my Tonopah Horse Statue bookmark. When my bf and I went on our cross country road trip we really wanted to stop at Yosemite National Park. We discovered that the ONLY town in between Nebraska (the stop prior) and Yosemite was Tonopah, Nevada so we put it on our list and made reservations at a casino/hotel. After a terrifying drive through the Nevada desert at night, we finally arrived in a one road town called Tonopah. We then discovered via the internet that the one road from Tonopah to Yosemite was still closed for the Winter. We continued on to San Francisco instead, although someday we'll get back out there. Though I'm not sure we'll be stopping in Tonopah. :)

and that's the Story Behind Them.


Erica said...

Cute new products! I love hearing the back story!

Lindsey said...

thanks :)

Christie Cottage said...

Great bookmarks!

The Stallion is cool!

Thank you for posting on my blog thread.


Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Hee! :D I love that Santa alien bookmark so much.

Lindsey said...

thanks Christie and Corrine :D


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