Reading Thursday: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

What the difference reading a book you are really enjoying makes. This week I re-read Moon Called by Patricia Briggs and then picked up the second in the series, Blood Bound and finished that as well.

Moon Called, Blood Bound and the rest of this series are about a woman named Mercy Thompson, a VW mechanic living in Washington. Her sort of secret is that she's a walker and can change into a coyote. She isn't a were, so the moon doesn't determine when she can change or not. Mercy grew up amongst werewolves, lives next door to the Alpha, fixes cars for the Vampires and works occasionally with a gremlin and other fae.

What makes these books so enjoyable is the fun dialogue and concepts that Briggs comes up with. Stefan the vampire owns a VW van painted to look like the Mystery Machine, for example, which I LOVE! I love how the characters interact with each other and the drama / action is always interesting.

In a weird way, this series is kind of like what the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton might be like without all the sex and crazy violence. Not that I don't love that series too, I do (and there are two more in the series coming this Spring!!!). But if you are looking for something sort of similar but a bit tamer - try the Mercy Thompson series by Briggs.

An appropriate bookmark for a series like this might be my Skulls bookmark, but I used the Blue Chandelier one because it was handier :D


Christie Cottage said...

I neer heard of this book. I'll have to ask my sister, she's the big reader! LOL

Thank you for posting on my blog thread today.


greencottagegallery said...

I'll have to check them out. I loved the Anita Blake's until she just went so far into the smut there was no story left!

Lindsey said...

GreenCottageGallery - the story came back around Harlequin :D I'm really hoping she stays with it in the next couple books.


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