Reading Thursday: The Hobbit

This week I've finally picked up The Hobbit (yes, for the first time). I've seen the cartoons, and watched the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings movies and heard talk about the series for years and years, but for some reason it never really appealed to me. I tried reading the first LOTR book back in high school and made it all of 20 pages before I just couldn't read any more.

So here I am, once again attempting Tolkien. So far so good, the Hobbit seems easier to read than LOTR and I'm enjoying the story as it is a pretty classic Quest. I love quests. And fantasy.

The basic tale is of a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who is roped into a quest even though he is normally not the adventurous type.

So tell me, what book have you tried reading and just never got through? Did you ever try again and Succeed?


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