Good Morning Everyone and Happy Wednesday :) I've been in contact with a client for a freelance graphic design job and I've been starting to sort out my thoughts about doing this craft fair next month. This week has been pretty busy, so far. As you can see, I have a new friend named Buster who is keeping me company and may be a year long thing and not just seasonal :)

Yesterday: I sorted photos and decided on a top 10 to make into prints and a top 10 to make into greeting cards, I searched stores and online for photo mats in my price range, I also promoted a lot, blogged about Blue etsy products, and listed a new bookmark in the store.

Today: I plan on finishing my new business card design and working on formatting for those greeting cards. I also have a few errands to run and I should order the photo mats. I have a ton of things cluttering my desk and I really need to clean it and sort my lists. I also need to fill out and send the form for the craft fair so that is all set. And I have an order to package and send :)

Tomorrow: I'll try to send out for my business cards and greeting cards and go looking for craft fair supplies and display ideas.

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Kate & Oli said...

Buster is super cute! and don't you love busy days? Let me rephrase: don't you love busy days when you can get everything accomplished? so satisfying :)


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