The Holidays are Upon Us! (aka Shameless Self Promotion)

As the high from my first craft fair winds down, it hit me that the Holidays really are upon us. I can't believe Thanksgiving is just a few days away and Christmas right around the corner. I'm barely prepared for either!

My bookmarks are great gifts for the Holidays, here are some ideas:

1. Are you buying a book for someone? Add a bookmark for an added bonus gift. For example, one customer was buying a John Lennon book as a gift and added my Imagine bookmark. Another great matching piece would be one of my Pirate themed bookmarks with a book on pirates. You don't have to pair them per theme either, if you're buying a random fiction book and know the person loves flowers - by all means add a flower bookmark!

2. My bookmarks are also easily adaptable as Christmas Tree Ornaments! Just punch a hole in the top, tie with ribbon, string or wire and hang!

3. Small and thin, bookmarks are also great stocking stuffers, whether wrapped or unwrapped. Imagine someone's face when they see this alien or owl peeking out from their stocking.

So, there are some great ideas. Take a look in my store and see if any bookmarks would be great gifts for your friends and family! :)

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