Modish Monthly Goal Meetup

I've decided to start participating in the Modish Biz Tips Monthly Goal Meetup :D

Here are my Goals for November:

1. Have a successful first Craft Fair (Nov. 20, 21), or at the very least learn something important and get info on what is popular and what is not.

2. Make a flyer advertising my graphic design services and hang it in local coffee shops and such

3. Choose images to make into prints and greeting cards, get printed for craft fair and etsy store

4. Develop 20 new bookmarks from images on computer

5. Begin developing portfolio section of http://www.fallenpeach.com

6. Find 3 new stores to try to sell my products in, locally

and I guess I should just keep it at that for now so that maybe I'll get them done! :D


deb said...

welcome to the meetup, good luck with your goals this month!!

Anna said...

I hope the craft fair is a great experience for you. I love the name of your business, and the owl bookmark is lovely. Is that a real owl (it looks otherwordly)? I can't tell if it's an owl figure or a real owl - either way, beautiful. Have a wonderful month of getting things done!

RiverDog Prints said...

I love your business name too! Good luck with the craft fair. I'm interested to hear your experience with it. Have a great November.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the goal meetup, and good luck with the craft fair! Your products are lovely!

Vivian said...

How very strange, the last comment from 6p010535cbb374970b is from me, my OpenID isn't working. anyway. I'm Kiley from gogovivi, sorry about that!

Lindsey said...

:D Thanks everyone. and Yes, Anna, that is a real Owl that I saw at the New York State Fair. :)

Melanie said...

Welcome to the meetup! Hopefully it's as motivating for you as it is for me. Best of luck on all of your goals!

Plushroom Soup said...

Welcome to the meetup! Your business name and images are lovely.

Craft shows are awesome for getting a read on your target market and for doing lots and lots of great networking. Can't wait to hear all about your first one!

Best of luck this month!

Liz said...

oh welcome, welcome! great list you've got going, lots of exciting creative stuff, I hope it all happens for you!


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